Pathein University came into existence by being upgraded to Pathein Intermediate College (7-7-1958), Pathein College (2-11-1964), Pathein Degree College (30-11-1981) and Pathein University (2-9-1996) by stages. It is Located in Yayaka (3), Kanthonesint quarter. It is 331.5 acres wide, comprising its main area (305-39) acres, Magyi, Shwethaungyan, the research and training station of Marine Science (25.76) acres.

The rector of Pathein University is Dr. Than Tun. The present Administration and Planning is comprised of a rector, one Pro-rectors, (25) admin officers and (235) admin staff. The University has (28) professors, (38) associate professors, (155) Lectures, Assistant Lectures (77), (68) Tutors and Demonstrators as teaching staff. The administration departments are (1) Student’s Affair Department, (2) Admin Department, (3) Finance Department, (4) Computer Department, (5) Pathein University Distance Education (Branch), (6) Engineering Department, (7) University Library and (8) Sports Department.

Pathein University has (122) Ph.D Degree holders, (73) Ph.D Candidates. At research studies, there are (238) research papers (finished), (104) research paper (Still being done). The numbers of papers written in the research journals are eleven in URT Vol-1, eight in Vol-4, there in URJ Vol-5, eight in MAAS, twenty-seven in Vol-1, sixteen in Vol-2, thirty in Vol-3, sixteen in Vol-4 of the University Journal. Pathein University has sixteen teaching Departments that are teaching sixteen specializations. They are-

Arts SubjectsScience Subjects

(1) Myanmar

(2) English

(3) Geography

(4) History

(5) Philosophy

(6) Psychology

(7) Oriental Studies

(8) Law

(9) Economics and

(1) Chemistry

(2) Physics

(3) Mathematics

(4) Botany

(5) Zoology

(6) Geology

(7) Marine Science

Pathein University has a clinic that opens from (10 AM to 2 PM). But during the sports competitions and the examination, it opens the whole day. The Myanmar Communication Service opens a post-office in the campus.

The Universities in collaboration with Pathein University are NITE (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation) Japan, University of Tsukuba, Kumamoto University, Tottori University, University of Miyazaki, Hokkaido University, Okayama University, Ehime National University Japan, Nagasaki University.

The specialization that students can take at Pathein University (Distance Education) are

(1) Myanmar

(2) English

(3) Geography

(4) History

(5) Law

(6) Psychology

(7) Philosophy

(8) Oriental Studies

(9) Chemistry

(10) Physics

(11) Mathematics

(12) Zoology

(13) Botany

(14) Economics

(15) Business Management

The degrees for distance are being conferred by Yangon University.

At Pathein University, there are sixteen specializations – (1) Myanmar, (2) English, (3) Geography, (4) History, (5) Philosophy, (6) Psychology, (7) Law, (8) Oriental Studies, (9) Chemistry, (10) Physics, (11) Mathematics, (12) Zoology, (13) Botany, (14) Geology, (15) Marine Science and (16) Micro Biology.

For day course, Bachelor of Arts (B.A), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) can be learnt in the undergraduate classes, Honours, Qualifying, Master, M.Res and Doctorate in the postgraduate classes. After it has been upgraded to a university, Pathein University has conferred respective degrees to the graduates (19359 Bachelor degree holders, 2877 Honours degree holders, two M.Res degree holders, nineteen Ph.D degree holders) till 2017-2018 Academic year.

There are ten kinds of degrees conferred at Pathein University –

(1) Ph.D (Micro Biology)
(2) M.Res
(3) M.Sc
(4) M.A
(5) L.L.M
(6) B.A (Hons:)
(7) B.Sc (Hons:)
(8) L.L.B
(9) B.A
(10) B.Sc

At Pathein University, the total amount of (7116) undergraduates, (517) postgraduates are attending the day classes while (7633) undergraduates are attending the U.D.E classes. The students from Pathein, Kangyidauk, Kyaungone, Ngaputwa, Tharpaung, Myaungmya, Eineme, Warkhema, Myanaung, Laymyatnor, Ingapu, Zalun, Yekyi, Kyonepyaw townships can attend Hinthda University. And those from Maubin, Myaungdon, Pantanaw, Danuphyu, Kyaiklatt, Daydaye, Phyarpon townships attend Maubin University.

Besides, the main and the subcommittees have been organized, and the sports events are being held on behalf of the department, the university and the region.

The Art association has also been formed and the Art festival is annually held at Pathein University. Students are asked to compete in the contests of singing, dancing, writing and playing the musical instruments, repressing the university. In addition, the talented students are sent to take part in the literary and art competitions that are occasionally celebrated.

The Buddhist association has also been organized and during the lent, the departments recite parrita respectively at the university Dhamaryone. The university magazine is annually published and the students who are intent on literature can sharpen their pens. Students, moreover, can go to the library, the life-blood of a university, and can read as well as borrow the books of knowledge and of fiction.