Profile of Pathein University Library

          Pathein University was first established as Pathein College (an affiliated college for intermediate classes) on 7th July 1958. Pathein University Library was established in 1959. It began with (500) books donated by Asia Foundation and United States Information Center (American Center). It is located at No (3), Anawrahta Street, Pathein Township, Ayeyarwady Region and its Postal Code is 1004. E-catalogues have been prepared using e-library (ELIB) Software Database. When it moves from the old library to the new one in 2022, it will have Circulation Section, Reference Section (Theses and Research Paper of academic departments) Periodical Section, Processing Section and e-library Computer Section respectively.


Helping those who seek knowledge


It aims to try to collect books that would greatly help teaching and research and books that would give the needs of the library users so that it can improve human resource development.


To give better service to the users concerning teaching and learning of the tertiary level, research, information and knowledge.


University Library
Library History
University Library

Library Collection

  1. Myanmar Books + English Books           (62300)
  2. Periodicals (Myanmar)                             (2500)
  3. Periodicals (English + Myanmar)           (7200)
  4. M.A, M.Sc, M.Res, Ph.D Thesis               (2500)
  5. Research Paper in Department                (43)


Library Services

  1.      Loan Services
  2.      Periodical Services
  3.      Inter Library Services
  4.      e-Library Services



          The library allows and registers library membership of fresh students of an academic year, academic staff and administrative and supportive staff of Pathein University and gives out library cards to them. It takes NRC card (or) staff/student identity card and (5) passport photo for the registration.


Users Categories

Loan Card

Loan Periods


3 Card

1 Week

Teaching Staff

3 Card

1 Month

M.A, M.Sc and Qualified Student

5 Card

1 Month

Office Staff

3 Card

1 Week


Opening Hours




Ground Floor


10:00 AM to 16:00 PM


10:00 AM to 16:00 PM

1st Floor

Reference and Periodical

10:00 AM to 16:00 PM


Library History

Librarian and its Predecessors

   (1) Daw Khin Thin Kyu (1966-1972)

   (2) U Nyan Tun (1973-1977)

   (3) U Aung Gyi (1977-1982)

   (4) U Nyan Tun (1983-1990)

   (5) Daw Soe Soe Hla (1990-1992)

   (6) Daw Soe Soe Aung (1992-1996)

   (7) Daw Yin Yin Aye (1996-1999)

   (8) Daw Cho Cho Yee (1999-2010)

   (9) Daw Tin Thin Hlaing (2010-2016)

   (10) Daw Mar Mar Cho (2016-2018)

   (11) Daw Thin Thin Hlaing (2018-2019)

   (12) Daw Thandar Aung (2019-Today)


Library Staff

       St.              Designation                        No.

        (1)            Chief Librarian                          (1)

        (2)           Assistant Librarian                   (1)

         (3)          Library Assistant Grade (2)     (-)

         (4)          Library Assistant Grade(3)      (3)

         (5)          Library Assistant Grade(4)      (3)


          Teal Configuration and setup-Configuration of network setup for new TEEAL machines. EIFL (Electronic Information for Library) has been practicing since October 2020 under the program of Higher Education Provision aided by e-library Myanmar Project. E-resources provide the users with full-text scholarly journals, full-text academic e-books with easy access.

          The above-mentioned e-resources are accessible using the following links:

Oxford Online Products
Oxford Online Products

(1) African American Studies Center -

(2) American National Biography –

(3) Benezit Dictionary of Artists-

(4) Grove Art Online -

(5) Grove Music Online

(6) Investment Claims

(7)Max Planck Encyclopedia of Comparative Constitutional Law -

(8) Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law


(9) Oxford Biblical Studies Online -

(10) Oxford Bibliographies Online -

(11) Oxford Competition Law -

(12) Oxford Constitutions of the World –

(13) Oxford Dictionary of National Biography -

(14) Oxford Dictionaries Premium-

(15) Oxford English Dictionary –

(16) Oxford Handbooks Online -

(17) Oxford Islamic Studies Online -

(18) Oxford Legal Research Library -

(19) Oxford Medicine Online-

(20) Oxford Public International Law -

(21) Oxford Quick Reference -

(22) Oxford Scholarship Online -

(23) Oxford Research Encyclopedias -

(24) Oxford Scholarly Editions Online

(25) Oxford International Organizations -

(26) Policy Press -

(27) What Everyone Needs to Know -